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Shenzhen Taida robot Co., Ltd.

Solution and application Intergrated intelligent solution supplier in Industrial surface treatment and fluid control field.

Product Center Independent research and development of more than 30 patents, leading industry standards.

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Founded in 2013, Shenzhen TEDA Robotics Co., Ltd. is an integrated intelligent solution supplier in the field of industrial surface treatment and fluid control. We offer caring and various solutions that integrates design, precision machining, machine assemble and debug, on-site implementation and after-sales support.            

We focus onsprayautomation spraying , gumautomation dispensing and intelligent factory automation. To meet the needs of different industries, we integrate technologies such as process engineering, motion controlling, image processing, laser measurement, robotics and precision mounting, precision pressing, which combined with software usage to provide customized automation equipment and full set solutions for customers.

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